We are looking for four PhD students to work on the HiRISE project, which focuses on high-resolution remote sensing and modellimg approach for assessinf ice shelf instability across Antarctica.

Mass loss from the Antarctic Ice Sheet is the largest uncertainty in current sea level rise projections and this uncertainty is largely related to the response of ice shelves. Ice shelves are the gatekeepers of Antarctica as they buttress the contribution of grounded ice to sea level rise. Although several processes have been identified that are key for future ice shelf instability and retreat, assessing how much, how fast ice shelf instability will contribute to future sea level rise remains a major uncertainty. This uncertainty is mainly the result of our limited quantitative understanding of many of the processes that control ice shelf instability.

Vacancy details

PhD Position on Antarctic Ice Shelf Melt and Hydrology @ TUDelft PhD Position on Remote Sensing of Ice Shelf Firn Processes @ TUDelft PhD Position on Remote Sensing of Ice Shelf Thinning @ Utrecht University PhD Position on Modelling Water in the Firn of Antarctic Ice Shelves @ Utrecht University